Repair & Maintenance

Fire doors

The critical role of fire doors is to save lives and property, it is vital that fire doors are fitted and maintained in a professional manner. In a fire they provide compartmentation to prevent fire and smoke from spreading, they assist in the safe evacuation of people and provide protection to the rest of the building.

New doors on-site

On-site cutting / shaping of apertures or reshaping for glazing is not permitted and will invalidate the fire performance certification. Many doors will need apertures cut and glazing replaced only at the manufacturers premises/factory as the license lies here and not on-site.

Existing doors

When dealing with existing doors wrather than new, it will be necessary to inspect and maintain them to ensure they are fit for purpose. Sometimes it is not possible to repair a fire door because the damage to its integrity is so severe or there may be a change in certification needed ie. from 30min to 60min repair and alterations would be limited.

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