Our traditional sliding sash window has a traditional appearance, with all the benefits of modern CNC production technology and design. At Jarrow Woodcraft we manufacture the vertical sliding sash window in a variety of different styles including arched, curved, and square. We will match your existing windows or architects specification be it Georgian or Victorian style. Using traditional weights to balance our window sashes we welcome projects especially listed buildings where attention to detail is required.

when we say upgrade we mean replacing existing sashes with double glazing, freeing old sashes getting them working again and counter balancing the working weights while replacing old ironmongery, and making good.

    Our windows are:

  •   Double glazed 'A' rated argon filled units
  •   Hardwood or softwood
  •   Traditional up and down weight and cord or spiral balance
  •   The debth of our frame is 158mm
  •   memory foam draught seals (not brush) should you decide to paint at a later date.
  •   hard wearing factory paint finish