Fire safety is crucial to help protect lives and property. Appropriate standards must be met and maintained, ignoring these safely standards can be very expensive. Non compliance can cost lives and a likelihood of a heavy fine, even if a fire has broken out or not.

    The most common faults

    Most new buildings have fire doors, apart from incorrect installation fire inspection officials encounter the following breaches of fire safety.

  •    Broken or worn intumescent seals either installed incorrectly or incorrect seal used.

  •    Non adherence to the 3mm gap policy between door and frame and where double doors are concerned 3mm between door leafs. A maximum of 6mm should be kept between door and floor, where possible

  •    Incorrect signage ie. not using the industries norm. 'Fire door keep shut'.

  •    Damage to doors 'wear and tear' . Trolleys bumping into them causing the doors to loose their snug fit/splintering.

  •    Incorrect hinges/closers, doors not closing properly .

  •    Lack of knowledge on behalf of the installer.

    Its not just about quality it's about legal responsibility as well. Jeremy French a fire officer in the UK says "...where we see a focus on using the lowest price, we also see low levels of compliancy and operational problems with doors. Competent people are making uninformed potentially life threatening decisions not through negligence but ignorance".